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Can't Ignore the Numbers

India's internet population is 400 million. And, growing! India has the second largest smart phone users in the world. They are searching and sharing 24/7

Top World Restaurants

Each of the top 50 restaurants in the world have a website. Each of the top 10 busiest restaurants in the world have websites

Most Important Marketing Asset

Every CEO agrees that a website is the most important marketing asset - it is as true for large conglomerates as it is for a small business. 

India's Baby Boom .....

India has the youngest population in the world (av age 27 years). And, the largest! This generation is glued to the Internet. No business can ignore these numbers!

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With's website design services, you get a bunch of services packed together at an affordable price. Your website will be rich, vivid, powerful and will help you get more customers and build your F&B business's brand value

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Contact us and get your eatery's website designed. World-class and,yet, affordable. You can get a fantastic discount!'s Website Services's website design services are unique - it brings together technology, design and content all together to give your business the website that it deserves!


We take care of all your requirements for web based technology - we manage the hosting, the domain name, the security monitoring and the software. It's a single window service.


You could get the best technology to work for you but without relevant and attractive content, it would mean nothing. Our content services include photography and skilled content-writing makes your website attractive


We understand that you want the best but it should not be expensive. We pride ourselves in providing world-class solutions as low as Rs 70/day. That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

Website Services & Prices


  • Gold
  • Rs 2000/month
  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Standard Template
  • Basic Content Creation (one time)
  • Photo-shoot
  • SEO
  • Get 20% off*
  • Diamond
  • Rs 4000/month
  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Premium Template
  • Professional Content Creation
  • Photography (one-time)
  • SEO
  • Get 20% off*
  • Platinum
  • Rs 10,000/month
  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Premium Template
  • Professional Content Creation
  • Monthly Photo-shoot
  • SEO
  • Get 20% off*


Offer valid till 31st December, 2016

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