Digital Marketing - The Future of Your F&B Business

Digital Marketing can help you increase your profits, grow your business, build an incredibly strong brand and help your F&B business flourish.

Attract Customers

A powerful online presence can help you attract customers. It is available 24/7 and there are no geographical boundaries.

Manage Lean Times, Increase Footfalls

Our services can help you grow your business profitably. Reach out to millions on the internet, attract them with amazing content, offers and build an army of followers

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Digital Marketing - Helping Your F&B Profit

Our Digital Marketing Services will increase footfalls to your restaurant, grow profits and make your brand stronger. It is affordable, instant and our Digital Marketing services are invaluable for your F&B business.

Content Services

We create fresh, authentic and relevant content which you can use on your website, Facebook page or on's online dining guide. Fabulous content is the best way to attract customers

Hotkhana.Com Dining Guide

We are creating our own online dining guide in which you can tell your story. Our dining guide gives you the ability to publish rich, powerful content and is unique

Website Design

Our website design services will breathe life into your online presence and attract customers. We marry incredible content with the best in technology and design world-class websites

Our Combo Offer - Save 60%

Save Rs 3000 through our combo offer. Get your business online.

Exclusive Website + Photoshoot - Rs 4,000/month
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Every Restaurant Has a Story!

Great cuisine
Great Chefs & Staff
Signature dishes
Unmatched Hospitality

But, Is Your F&B Being Gagged Online?

You have invested your own money to make your restaurant and eatery a great success. You have not cut corners. You have got the best that you could get. You spare no efforts. This is your dream. To satisfy your customers. To be profitable. To get franchisees.

But have you checked the health of your F&B's brand online? Are you being battered by unfair reviewers?  Are you being over-charged for your online presence? Are you losing customers because you are unable to tell your F&B's story?

It's time you found your voice. Tell your story. Build your F&B's brand on the internet.

We Tell Your F&B's Story Online has been created to provide you with all the tools for building your online brand presence. And, we give voice to your F&B's story! Now, you can tell your F&B's story. With the power of highlighting all the intricate details of your F&B. Go, ahead. Wax lyrical on your signature dishes. Eloquently describe the decor and the bonhomie. Write about your chef's extraordinary culinary skills. Highlight the passion of your staff. Voice your commitment to hospitality. Yes! Now you can!

The internet is a powerful and affordable medium for you to promote your F&B's story. You can do this through your F&B website, your F&B's Facebook page and through listings on's online dining guide.
Our services, designed exclusively for F&B businesses, address all the three platforms. However, unlike other technology companies, we also focus on creating content for you. Our content services include content writing for F&B businesses and food photography.
So, not only do you get the best technology platforms but also get mouth-watering, vivid, unique and relevant content that enhances your online brand.
Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking